Landlords do not have long to make sure their properties comply with the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) being brought in next year. If their properties are not compliant, they could face hefty fines of as much as £5,000 for domestic properties. That is why all landlords are being urged to take steps to […]

  The term ‘property tech‘ is being bandied around a great deal these days as the sector sees unprecedented growth. The trend is set to continue into 2016 with big money being invested into start-up companies which are directly or indirectly concerned with the property sector. With so many people working smartly and remotely by […]

  The government’s Right to Rent ruling, which makes it a landlord’s obligation to find out whether would-be tenants have the right to be in Britain, is to be challenged. The controversial scheme has already been introduced in England, with plans to roll it out in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland too. However, the Joint […]

More than one in three landlords are looking at ways to cut costs, because of the increased tax they are facing since April this year. These include the phasing out of mortgage relief and 3% stamp duty on new buy-to-lets, which will eat into a significant part of landlords’ profits. However, the cost-cutting will not […]

  Letting agents are next in line to have their world transformed by property technology. Proptech start-up No Agent‘s founder and landlord, Calum Brannan, says he wants to see a significant improvement in the sector. He does not want letting agents to become extinct, but regenerated through technology. As a frustrated landlord, Calum set up […]

Auctions have traditionally been good ways to pick up bargains, whether it is furniture, antiques, works of art or cars. Prime TV shows like Cash In The Attic or Storage Wars also show how auctions can be an effective way to make a profit – if you know what you’re doing. Other popular programmes, such […]

The government has launched an emergency safety inspection of about 4,000 tower blocks in the UK, following the appalling tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire in London. Dozens of people are believed to have died when the blaze ripped through the tower block and many more families have lost their homes. Although the Chancellor Philip […]

House prices rising at a much faster rate than wages is going to put home ownership out of reach for even more people in the future. Research suggests that about one in four households in Britain will be living in private rental accommodation by the end of 2021. An annual report by Knight Frank estate […]

Asset managers, pension fund managers and insurers are among those looking to invest in the rental sector as a healthy source of income. According to a Financial Times report, they are planning to invest nearly £50 billion in building new rental homes in the UK in the next five years. The size of institutional investments […]

  The virtual world is becoming indispensable in so many areas of commerce and it is little wonder that the property sector is being quick to embrace it. With people looking to live hundreds of miles away from home, or abroad, it is often impossible to walk or drive past a property video to see […]

More people are looking online when buying, selling or renting property in the UK. It’s so much easier to tap into an app or consult the oracle (namely Google), when looking for property . Tenants can ‘virtually’ look at properties at any time of the day or night while landlords and letting agents can also […]

  More than one quarter of landlords have experienced problems with tenants falling behind with their rent. In the past 12 months, 28% of landlords have experienced rent arrears, according to research by the Residential Landlords Association. This can have a major impact on cashflow, particularly when it comes to paying a buy-to-let mortgage and […]

  Dear Customer, This month marks the 5-year anniversary since we, a small team of software guys at Radweb, officially launched InventoryBase. What an incredible and enduring journey it has been. You might think property reporting software is a bit dull and boring. Well, it depends what you’re comparing it to, but believe me, building […]

With the General Election being a hot topic for most today, we look at what the three main parties have lined up for the Housing sector. Today’s the day – the General Election. So, what do the three main parties have lined up for the Housing Sector? With Housing being a top priority in all […]

Landlords who either choose to ignore the law or are unaware of regulations continue to make headline news. In two recent cases, one has been jailed, while another has been handed a hefty fine. In the first instance, Watford landlord, Lemuel Browne, was handed a six-week prison sentence for illegally evicting his tenant. He admitted […]