Tighter borrowing rules and affordability tests for buy-to-let financing introduced by the Bank of England have led to landlords finding other means of investing in this sector. A survey by bridging loan lender MTF has revealed that 84 per cent of brokers asked could not source a buy-to-let mortgage for some clients in the last […]

No-one can doubt that it’s going to be an interesting year for landlords. We have yet to see what Brexit will mean to the international market and this, coupled with the tax changes coming into force, could bring further turbulence in the buy-to-let sector. Although the government has put obstacles in the way of rental […]

Luxury rental properties are still proving to be very popular, as buyers and sellers play the waiting game to see what Brexit means to the market. Top boutique London estate agency JLL, formerly W.A. Ellis, says activity at the higher end of the rental market has defied the slowdown which usually takes place just before […]

Landlords renting out older homes could soon face another financial headache, as data by Quick Move Now reveals that by 2018, nearly one in 10 properties could be unrentable if the proposed 2015 Energy Efficiency Regulations gets the go-ahead. These regulations set minimum energy efficiency standards for homes in England and Wales, which will make […]

A debate is raging over whether tenants who fail to pay their rent or cause damage should be ‘named and shamed’ in a register of rogue tenants. The idea was mooted in a Spectator blog, by freelance journalist and former Landlord Today editor, Emma Lunn. She compares shoplifting from a supermarket to non-payment of rent. […]

A recent consultation, for buy-to-let landlords to have their say on proposed changes to Houses in Multiple Occupation and residential property licence reforms, has now ended. The survey, conducted by the Department for Communities and Local Government, was held ahead of proposals to amend existing legislation and increase the number of homes in England which […]

Proptech companies are booming as they find favour with millennials, who conduct much of their business online, and other generations who like the convenience. These companies are merging to create even bigger businesses and they are attracting billions in funding as well as seeing their shares do well. Recently, online estate agent Purplebricks has seen […]

An interesting paper has been prepared into the rental sector in the United Kingdom, which would bring about best practice, regulations for letting agents and statutory minimum standards for residential letting agents. These recommendations, in the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Rented Sector Policy Paper for England, would improve the lives of landlords and tenants […]

The end of the year is an ideal time to review how your property portfolio has performed through 2016. Are there some properties which are more profitable than others? Do some homes need an overhaul, modernising or upgrading? Can any be extended or revamped? Do some need offloading because they are a drain on financial […]

Whilst the majority of tenants are decent and treat property with respect, there are those who can cause a lot of damage. They think nothing of smashing doors, breaking windows or damaging carpets. They may have had parties or simply not been bothered when something gets broken, because it is not their property. Many landlords […]

With more professionals being priced out of the housing market, many are renting instead. This is particularly true of millennials, who may never be able to afford to buy or who prefer the benefits of renting, such as being able to move around frequently or live in a better area. Top of their wish-list is […]

A woman whose house was burgled has lost out on her insurance claim because she did not have photographic evidence of the items stolen. Vivian Harris, aged 70, returned to her London home to find the doors forced open and her jewellery missing. Many of the items, including earrings, bracelets and watches, had great personal […]

Winter can often be a time when problems are found in properties. Tenants go to turn on the central heating or turn up the thermostat and find problems with the boiler or blocked radiators. Now is a good time for landlords to carry out property checks, to put right any problems before they get worse. […]

The fight against the proposed tenant tax continues, with the National Landlords Association launching a new campaign to lobby the Treasury to try to get it to back down. The NLA says that there is a new chancellor and they need everyone’s help to lobby him on Section 24 of the Finance Act 2015. Landlord […]

Tenants are set to be the ones who suffer under government changes to tax allowances for buy-to-let landlords. In a survey by Property118, 54 per cent of respondents said they will be forced to evict existing tenants because of the tax changes and will either sell their properties or re-let to people who can afford […]