It’s already been an interesting year for buy-to-let investors. Tax changes are just coming in which affect this sector, while the new mortgage interest tax relief rules are also having an effect. For some landlords, it could mean accepting the fact that their profit margins will be reduced. For others, it means either being forced […]

More than 4.5 million households in the UK now live in rented accommodation, which is almost double the number in 2004. Home ownership is now at its lowest level since 1985 and the rental sector is becoming a very important part in the housing market. This is welcome news for buy-to-let investors, particularly as more […]

After a local council recently started using drones for property inspections, is this the way forward for larger scale inspections? There are many new opportunities arising in many areas with the new Drone regulations in the UK. A council in Essex are due to launch a service using drones to inspect properties. Traditional building inspection […]

The world of property continues to be turned upside-down by technology. The days when people had to physically walk into a high street estate agent to look at photos of properties are long gone. Although many people still like the personal touch, the first viewing of a property is now more likely to be conducted […]

The number of landlords considering expanding their buy-to-let portfolio has fallen to a record low, according to the latest figures from the buy-to-let arm of Lloyds Banking Group, BM Solutions. Only 13% of landlords have plans to expand their portfolio. This is the smallest percentage since the survey started 11 years ago. Tax changes are […]

The landlord levy raised £1.64 billion in the tax year ending March 31, 2017, which is one billion pounds more than the Treasury estimated when the controversial tax was announced in 2015.     Landlords opposed the levy, as they argued it would put people off from investing in buy-to-let properties and could lead to […]

Proptech companies continue to change the way people conduct business in the rental markets, while also taking advantage of new ways of investment.   Crowdfunding is proving to be a lucrative way for property technology companies to raise the funds they need to either launch or grow their products. Recently SPCE, which says it is […]

Landlords will now be starting to feel the effects of the new tax changes for buy-to-let investors. After analysing the changes and how they affect you, it could be a good time to look at your portfolio and work out the best way to handle your existing properties and any future investments. There are several […]

Landlords continue to pay the price for anti-social behaviour. More councils are increasingly considering the introduction of private licensing schemes as an answer to these problems. However, it is the buy-to-let investors who have to pay the price. Telford & Wrekin Council is the latest to look at introducing a licence scheme in certain districts, […]

With bespoke Property Inspection Systems now easily available on the market, why should you use one? How will it benefit you? Property inspection systems have made it easier to manage the properties more efficiently and in an improved way. The one application that has been able to provide wholesome support to any kind of properties […]

  Over dinner with friends recently we got on to the subject of property inventories (I must stress I wasn’t talking about work on a night out!). One of my friends had recently rented a property and had signed an inventory that consisted solely of pictures. Too my horror he had said that he thought […]

With the changes to stamp duty and tax allowances on buy-to-let properties, many landlords are looking to diversify their portfolios.   Some are putting their money into commercial property to avoid having to pay higher levels of tax, according to bridging finance lender, Roma Finance. Mixed-use property is not included in some of the tax […]

Property firms are being urged to make sure their health and safety checks are in place after a property firm was fined £20,000 after a potential buyer fell down a 30-foot well during a viewing.     Lucy Driver was looking at the house in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, last year when she walked off a garden […]

New legislation and licensing is being brought in to crackdown on bad landlords, although it is the professionals who have to pay the price, However, could more be done to protect buy-to-let investors against rogue tenants?     In the news recently was a couple who decided to rent out their house in South Shields […]

The issue of ‘wear and tear’ and damage to a property is a thorny one, which forms the basis of many disputes between landlords and tenants.   Whilst landlords will factor in finances for replacing worn out items, which have only been subjected to normal use rather than heavy-duty wear and tear, damage is another […]